Work-Related Learning


Work-Related Learning has an important contribution to make to the education of all our students. The Academy provides a wide range of opportunities for students to learn about work, through work and for work.

Work-Related Learning is concerned with those planned activities which use work as a context for learning or illustrate aspects of working life.

Work- Related Learning activities are seen throughout the Key Stages:

  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 4
  • Key Stage 5

The Leigh Academy is currently working towards achieving the Investors in Careers Award.

The Award will enable the Academy to improve its Work-Related Learning and Careers Curriculum.  The Award will also enable us to build upon the fantastic work that is already going on throughout the Academy in all curriculum areas.

The member of staff leading the Academy in this venture is Ms Tracey Littlemore who is the co-ordinator of Careers and Work-Related Learning.

Ms Littlemore has the full support of the Parents Council, School Governors, Chief Executive Officer and Principals of the Academy.

Key Stage 3

Community Programme

Careers Education and Guidance is delivered through College Community mornings.

Students engage in group work as well as individual activities relating to skills, aspirations, options and the range of qualifications available.

Key Stage 5

Visit to University of Kent

Students in Year 12 have the opportunity to visit a campus university. This enables students to get a feel of university life through sitting in on lectures, meeting lecturers, meeting existing students and checking out the range of facilities on offer.

Jobseekers Fair

The Jobseekers Fair is aimed at those students in Year 13 who decide not to apply to University.

External speakers from the JobCentre, Gap Year Facilitators and a financial institution give our students an insight into the nature of the job market, apprenticeship schemes and gap year programmes.

HE Information Evening

The HE Conference is aimed at both students and parents of students in Year 12, giving an insight into the options that are available to students Post 18.

Academy Business Challenge

All Year 12 students in Post 16 participate in the Academy Business Challenge for two weeks in July after their AS examinations. Teams are assigned a company and set a challenge by that company. After some initial training they are then left for 7 working days to hopefully come up with a solution to the challenge. On the second Friday students are expected to deliver their findings to a panel consisting of teachers, judges and representatives of the company, which originally set the challenge. The presentation will last approximately 45 minutes presenting their work, providing a website and answering any questions.

Finally, on the following Monday, students will attend an awards ceremony at the Academy. At this ceremony they will be rewarded with certificates recognising their achievement during the fortnight and three teams will be awarded cash prizes. There is also a prize for the best-designed website.