GCSE Physical Education


Students who prove themselves to be good all round athletes in Key Stage 3 have the option of studying AQA GCSE Physical Education (www.aqa.org.uk). These lessons are twice weekly, and take the form of 90 minutes practical and 90 minutes theory. Assessment in GCSE is spread over two areas:

1) Written paper: Worth 40% of the total mark. The exam questions are in the form of multiple choice, short answer and long answer questions based upon a pre-release scenario. The topics covered within the course are as follows:

  • The range of physical activities and the different role of active participants
  • Linking physical activity with diet, work and rest for personal health and a balanced healthy lifestyle.
  • Making informed decisions about getting involved in a lifetime of healthy physical activities that suit their needs.

2) Practical performance: Worth 60% of the total mark. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their performance in a variety of roles such as performer, official or coach in up to four different sports.