Year 11 talk on Apprenticeships. Vicky Lawrence from Kent County Council 9th of November 2107

On the 9th of November 2017 we were fortunate to have Vicky Lawrence from Kent County Council come into the Leigh Academy and speak to the Year 11 students about possible apprenticeship opportunities. The students had highlighted that they were all interested in applying for apprenticeships after Year 11 in their initial careers assembly at the end of Year 10.

Lesley Tannock introduced Vicky Lawrence and highlighted that it was essential to have a back up plan, this could be either Post 16/College/Training provision.

All of the students were actively encouraged to create an account on the Apprenticeship website and they spent the time during the lesson researching into their chosen career ideas. It was an ideal time for Lesley Tannock to answer any relevant questions that the students had during the session.

Vicky briefly interviewed all 49 students who had signed up to the Apprentices talk and a spreadsheet will be collated and Vicky intends on supporting the students into apprenticeships throughout Year 11.

The feedback following the talk has been exceptionally positive from the students. They all felt that their decision of gaining an apprenticeship had been fully supported by the Academy.