BBC Feature

Leigh Academy Post 16 students were interviewed on Monday by the BBC who are launching a feature this week about how young people access media and the onset and dangers of ‘fake news’. The students were asked all about their use of media, where they got their news from and their understanding of how they could establish whether news was fake or from a dubious source. One of our students who is a keen Media enthusiast had the opportunity to shadow the cameraman and producer and even took an active role in proceedings, noting down questions and names of participants. As a result, he has been given the opportunity of spending an hour with the producer at a later date to see the BBC in action.

The day was a great success and our visitors were impressed with the knowledge and maturity of our students. The interviewer was Amol Rajan who is the BBC’s Media Editor and works mainly for the most high profile output on BBC News. He commented on the knowledge and maturity of the students and their confidence in front of the camera. The footage will be shown during the national news broadcast on BBC1 either Tuesday or Wednesday this week.