The Leigh Academy Healthy Minds Open Day and Award

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The Leigh Academy Healthy Minds Open Day and Award

The Leigh Academy is one of the country’s leading Healthy Minds schools. We have worked with Bounce Forward and The London School of Economics as a pioneer of this programme for the last 5 years.  Healthy Minds is a curriculum aimed at developing resilience, social and emotional well-being as well as healthy habits, choices and relationships for our young people. Following successful training and implementation of the lessons we at The Leigh Academy have seen an improvement in attendance, stronger relationships, and students provided with the strategies to make the right choices as well as supporting the mental health of students.

On Wednesday 19th June we held an Open Day which was attended by over 25 educational professionals from across the UK, many of whom were from the Trust to showcase the programme as it is delivered here.

Visitors were able to visit Healthy Minds lessons and speak with our students. Some of whom also participated in a Q&A session with our visitors and were great ambassadors for The Leigh Academy.

“I’d recommend other school’s taking part in the Healthy Minds curriculum because it helps students clear their minds and turn any problems into positive solutions”

Josh, Year 8

“Healthy Minds has helped me be able to cope with family bereavements and given me strategies to cope and talk about it to my classmates” Charlie, Yr 8

We are also delighted to be the first school in the UK to be presented with a Healthy Minds Awards in recognition of ‘successful involvement in the Healthy Minds research project and demonstrating a commitment to the personal development of students’ from Lord Richard Layard from the London School of Economics

I would also like to say a special thank you to Mr Lindars who is passionate about this programme and ensuring that we support our students to become resilient, confident young people and equips them with the tools to be successful in life at The Leigh and beyond.

Mrs Julia Collins, Principal, The Leigh Academy