FAQs for Parents about Home Learning


Frequently Asked Questions 

by parents/carers regarding independent online learning


  • Why isn’t there a google classroom for my child?


There should be a google classroom for every subject. Go onto The Leigh Academy website, go to Independent Learning Online (on the home page) and then click on the link to Independent Learning Online documents for each year group. All google classrooms and codes are listed there. 


  • What structure should there be to the learning?


Staff are setting work on the days that they would have each class, so your child should be aiming to follow their daily timetable of lessons, logging into the google classrooms for that day and completing the tasks/assignments set. Some subjects, especially with older students, are setting longer projects or tasks that are designed to run over a longer period of time. However, these longer tasks can be completed in sections, using their timetabled lesson time.


  • What do I do if my child finishes the work set in a day too early?


If you child finishes their work too early, then ask them to check it and show it to you: is there any more that can be added? 

If they have finished, they could log into some of the other free online resources available on pages 5 and 6 of the Home Learning Guide for Families on our website.

Or check out the resources and challenges on The Leigh Academy Facebook page

Or do some other activities – exercise, cooking, arts and crafts, even helping around the house. There are some suggestions on the family learning support guide on the webpage.


  • What if my child doesn’t understand the work that they should be doing?


Your child can write a comment to the teacher in the google classroom. They can also email the teacher directly. All teachers’ email addresses can be found on The Leigh Academy website.


  • What if my child is feeling overwhelmed with too much work to do?


Then they should stop, have a break and ask for help. 

They can leave the work and come back to it later. 

If they need time out, they can do something different and come back to it later. 

Parents can email staff too and explain that you have chosen to have a break, in order to consider your child’s well-being.


  • Why can’t we have live lessons?


It is not possible to have live lessons, due to safeguarding risks. We do not want to put our staff or students at risk by asking them to have live conversations from their homes. It is also not practical, with many staff also looking after their own families during the day and therefore unable to communicate live with students on video. 

As staff are becoming more confident with online learning (remember much of this is new to us too) they are being asked to consider recording a section of a lesson – perhaps with an explanation or modelling a piece of work – which they will be able to share. This is a work in progress – so please bear with us. 


  • I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?


Email  passwordreset@leighacademy.org.uk  and ask for your password to be reset. 

  • I’m not sure who to contact for help? 

Contact your child’s teacher if it is a subject/work issue. 

Contact your child’s Head of College if it is a well-being issue

All staff emails are on The Leigh Academy website

Still not sure who to contact? Any queries can be sent to info@leighacademy.org.uk and it will be directed to the person who can best help you