Year 7 Parent Tutor Day

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Dear Parents/Carers

After seven weeks at The Leigh Academy we would usually be inviting parents/carers into the Leigh to meet with their child’s tutor, however this year the Parent-Tutor appointments will take place on the telephone on Wednesday 14th October 2020. These Parent-Tutor Appointments play a crucial part in the success of your child, and affords us the opportunity of working together to review progress to date, to address any issues and to make plans for the future to support your child. Please note that The Leigh Academy will be closed on this day for normal lessons. Teachers will set work via Google Classroom to be completed at home on this day.

Accessing your child’s report

Year 7 reports are published at the end of Module 3 and Module 6. All reports are published and accessible via My Child at School (MCAS). Details of how to use MCAS and access reports are available on the website under the tab ‘Academy life’. If you have any issues with logging in, please contact your child’s Year group Admin Assistant (details on the website).

Making an appointment

Appointments can be made between 8:30am and 7:00pm through your child’s tutor on Wednesday 14th October 2020. Appointments will last for approximately 10 minutes. Please return the slip below, stating your preferred time to receive a phone call.  Please be aware that this could be from either a Leigh academy landline or a withheld number. All reply slips must be returned to Tutors no later than Friday 2nd October 2020. Tutors will then collate the preferred times and inform your child of their exact appointment time.

Click Here to download the slip

It is likely that between 4:00pm and 7:00pm Tutors will be very busy. If you are in a position to arrange your appointment in the morning, or early afternoon, it would help to ease congestion and would make matters more convenient for you.

It should be stressed that all students are expected to complete the work set for them, by their teachers, during the day. If students are questioned by the truancy team on the day, they should produce this letter as evidence of the arrangements for the day.

We are really pleased with the way students have been working during Module 1 and we appreciate the support you have given us in so many different ways. I hope that despite the different way of conversing with your child’s tutor you will nonetheless, find the appointment helpful as we continue to work together in ensuring that your child is happy, settled and learning in the academy.

Yours faithfully

Julia Collins