Year 9 Module 1

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6th October 2020                                                                     MSH/JHR/Yr 9/M1/20202


Dear parents and carers


Re: Year 9 Module 1


It has been wonderful to welcome back Year 9 students into the academy this module after a long period of time completing home learning out of the school environment and the summer holidays. Our return to a full capacity school has been no easy feat but we have managed to create an excellent learning environment for students to return to. The vast majority of Year 9 students have returned to us with real enthusiasm and positivity towards their learning. The adjustment to the new rules and regulations to ensure that we are safe and secure in our learning environment have been well received by the students and who have also quickly accepted the more recent introductions of face coverings/masks.


A key part of the continuing success of your child is the partnership that we build up with parents and carers throughout the academic year. We would normally have invited you into the academy to attend a Year 9 Information Evening with updates on what the year ahead would look like and how you can best support your children. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 and the subsequent guidelines from the government, DfE and Public Health England, we are not able to invite you in, hence my letter to you.


Year 9 Leadership Team and Tutors

This academic year, students continue to be in the same colleges as last year (Brunel, Da Vinci, Chaucer or Darwin) but will be remaining in the Year 9 ‘bubble’ throughout the 2020/2021 academic year. The Year 9 leadership team and Year 9 tutors are in place to support your child throughout this year to help them maximise their potential. The tutors should be your first point of contact initially. For those of you with children who have Special Educational Needs (SEN) please do contact our SENCO Nita Butler (


The tutors and contact details for Year 9 tutor groups are as follows:


BR5 – Mr Taw –

BR6 – Ms Furquim Elias/Ms Ajayi –

BV7 – Mrs Fairs –

DV5 – Mrs Lawrence –

CH5 – Ms Amegadzie –

CH6 – Mr Lecky –

CD7 – Mr Ogundipe –

DV6 – Ms Wilson –

DA5 – Ms Barber –

DA6 – Mrs Hannam –




The Year 9 leadership team and contact details are as follows:


Mr Shepherd – Head of College and leading on Year 9 –

Mr Piggott – Assistant Head of College and assistant lead on Year 9 –

Mrs Turner – Student Services Manager –

Mrs Cockle – Year 9 Administrator –


My Child at School – All parents/carers should have received login information to enable them to access any future academic reports, assessments or letters that have been sent home. In addition to that, you should also be able to see a record of both reward points and sanctions that are given to your child. Please can I encourage you to talk with them about both rewards and consequences so they feel their achievements are acknowledged but also that any poor behaviour is also being addressed both at home and at school.


Google Classroom – As you will already be aware The Leigh Academy is a Google Education School and many of you may already be familiar with the Google Apps (including Google Classroom) that have been used by Year 9 students since they started with us. Google Classroom is used by all staff in the academy to set homework, set assignments and post resources for all subjects. In addition to that you child should also be in a Google Classroom for their tutor group and the Year 9 Google Classroom (code: pz4xipq). These classrooms are an essential part of our ‘Blended Learning’ strategy. To find out more about Google Classroom codes and for a guide in supporting your child at home, please visit this website.


Chromebooks – The majority of Year 9 students have their own Chromebooks which were either purchased through the academy scheme or bought privately. Please do ensure that your child brings the Chromebook into school every day and that it is fully charged. If you were not part of this scheme and your child does not have their own device then alternative arrangements are being made and I will inform those families about that in a letter going out soon.


MyON Online Reading Tool – Students at The Leigh Academy have recently been given access to MyON to help improve their love of reading and enhance their literacy skills. MyON is a student-centred, personalised literacy environment that gives students access to more than 6,000 enhanced digital books via the internet. Titles are dynamically matched to each individual student’s interests and grade of reading and these can be accessed both at home and in the academy. All Year 9 students have been given a MyON login and password and this should also have been recorded in their student planners. Please do encourage your child to access this service and read at home. If there are any queries about this service then please email our literacy lead Ms Bodle ( who should be able to support you.


Middle Years Programme (MYP) – Students at The Leigh Academy follow the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) in Years 7, 8 and 9. This is a programme of international education designed for students aged 11 to 16 which emphasises intellectual challenge and encouraging students to make connections between their academic subjects and the real world. This year students in Year 9 have been able to make some choices in curriculum but in January we will be inviting them to make their choices for GCSE. More information on this process and programme of events will follow nearer the time.


Finally, I am sorry that you were not able to come and meet with us in person and see the Year 9 ‘bubble’ yourself. If you have any queries or concerns you wish to make then please do contact us with the details above. It is a privilege to work with the Year 9 students and I look forward to a really successful year ahead despite these strange and challenging times.

Mark Shepherd                                   Matt Piggott                                         Sheena Turner

Head of College                                  Assistant Head of College                   Student Services Manager

Leading on Year 9                               Assistant Lead of Year 9