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Dear Parent/Carer,

At The Leigh Academy, we are always looking at new ways to engage and inspire our students to enjoy language learning and this year we will be working with an award-winning online resource to do just that.  This is especially important given the current climate and we are increasingly aware that students need to be able to access learning support outside of the classroom. creates academically rigorous exercises based on authentic video content, all checked by experienced language teachers and covering all the topics and trends of the curriculum.  Their content covers both productive and receptive language material as well as vocab and grammar.  Through games, points, competitions and leaderboards they make sure that our students stay inspired and motivated throughout.

Due to it being an online resource it can be used by students in the academy and at home, meaning that work can be set and checked remotely and is available to all students in the class regardless of their location.  All the work that students complete is automatically marked, giving them instant feedback and the opportunity to improve.  All progress is trackable so you and your child’s teacher can see how your child is improving over the year.

We are very excited to be utilising this fantastic resource across The Leigh Academy and have already introduced it in lessons to ensure students are familiar with how it works.  Login codes can be obtained from class teachers and information to help support its usage will also be accessible on Google Classrooms.  This is a free resource for students and can be used as an additional tool for revision and learning support in preparing for their final exams.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact your child’s class teacher for more information.


Yours faithfully,

Miss G Stroud | Director of Learning – Modern Foreign Languages