Google Classrooms, Blended Learning and Knowledge Organiser – Year 7

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Dear Parent/Carer

We are excited to share our success in continuing to develop a blended learning approach at The Academy, encouraging our students to continue with their learning at home using the technology available.  We hope to support you as parents by sharing with you, opportunities to encourage this and the use of resources prepared and delivered through Google Classroom, our academy website and the use of student ‘Knowledge Organisers.’

Google Classrooms

All students in all year groups/bubbles have a Google Classroom for every subject they have as well as tutor time and their year group/bubble.  This Google Classroom is where they can access resources given to them by their subject teacher as well as instructions, homework and assessments.

Self Isolation of students

If a student is self isolating then they should log onto Google and access their Google Classroom for that subject at the time when they would normally have that lesson.  The teachers will be setting work on the Google Classrooms by means of resources and assignments.

In addition, if a large number of students are self-isolating in the future then the teacher may be running a live lesson.  If the teacher is running a live lesson then that information will be posted in the stream of the Google Classroom and can be accessed via the Google Meet code at the top of that page.  Please make sure that your child has read the ‘Student Guide to Live Lessons’.  The following points are essential to ensure that the remote learning process can be delivered effectively.

  • Students should be ready for the start of their academy day with lessons to start at their usual time. This includes a Google Meet with their tutor at 08.30am which will ensure their registration for the day.
  • Students should ensure that they log into their Google Classroom at the start of each of their lessons. If it is a live lesson then the start may be slightly delayed whilst the teacher sets it up.  Students might be placed in a virtual waiting room until the teacher is ready to start.
  • All resources for virtual lessons will be available on the Google Classroom. There may also be assignments and homework set by the teacher too. These can be viewed via the ‘classwork’ tab at the top of your page.

Chromebook Strategy

We are aiming for all Year 7 students to receive their own individual Chromebook which is owned by the academy but loaned to students for their time with us.  Students will be expected to look after their Chromebook and bring it into school each day, fully charged.  They will be using their Chromebook in lesson when directed to support their learning, access software used in lessons and to complete digital classwork and home learning tasks.  More information regarding this will be shared with you in the coming weeks.

Leigh Learning Website

To support at home learning, we have created and previously shared the Leigh Learning Online website.  This has all the Google Classroom codes on along with instructions from subjects and additional online resources for learning and wellbeing. As parents/carers, you should all have had an email inviting you to receive notifications on Google Classrooms.  This will enable you to receive updates and summaries from your child’s classrooms including assignments that are due and any work they might have missed.

Knowledge Organisers

Students will have access to their Knowledge Organiser for each term through their Year Group Google Classroom where it will be set as an assignment, found in the Classroom section.  The Knowledge Organiser is a useful tool that contains the content of the learning for every subject for the whole term, supporting students in their revision, with home learning tasks, classwork and wider learning opportunities. Please find a copy of your child’s Knowledge Organiser for this module attached. Knowledge Organiser Year 7

Homework Club

Homework Club is open from this Module to Year 7 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3.00pm -3.30pm.  A member of staff will be able to support during these sessions if students have any work they need additional help with.

As parents and carers, your role in supporting the learning of your child is pivotal.  We would ask that you show a regular interest in their progress at school by talking to them about what they are doing in lessons and asking them to show you their work.  It is important that students have a place at home where they can complete their home learning and revision that is as clear of distractions as possible.  A Blended Learning Guide for Families has previously been published to be able to support you in supporting your child.

As mentioned, if a considerable amount of students have to self-isolate then there will be the opportunity to have some live lessons from staff via a Google Meet on their Google Classrooms.  If you do not wish your child to take part in virtual live learning then please contact us.

If you or your child has any queries or concerns through this period of time then please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the Year 7 leadership team.



Yours faithfully

Mr Stuart Lindars
Head of College
Leading on Year 7