Post-16 BTEC Public Examination Arrangements – January 2021

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Dear Parent/Carer,


We are writing about the Years 12 & 13 BTEC public examinations starting on Wednesday 6th January 2021. Your son/daughter has been issued with a timetable for these subjects, and a copy has also been posted on your My Child at School account.

We are sure you will join us in urging your son/daughter to make the very most of this opportunity to enhance his/her chances of success in the final examinations next summer, by revising and preparing thoroughly.

Students will be expected to be in all of their lessons when not in examinations between Wednesday 6th January – Thursday 11th February, except on the following two occasions:

For the Year 13 Media examinations on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th January, the students will go home at the end of the examination instead of attending periods 3 and 4.
For the Year 13 Applied Science examination on Wednesday 13th, the students will spend the time between examinations in the Post-16 Study Centre.

Please can you ensure that your son/daughter is at the academy on time as we will need to ensure morning examinations begin promptly at 9:00am. Registers will be taken in all lessons from Wednesday 6th January – Thursday 11th February and we will contact you if your son/daughter is absent.


Yours faithfully,



Sarah Forde

Head of College, Leading on Examinations


Lee Forcella-Burton

Director of Post-16