Year 9 Closed Bubble Teaching & Learning letter

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Dear Parents/Carers

Re: Year 9 Teaching and Learning

Following the decision to ask Year 9 students to remain at home for the next week. I am writing to inform you of the expectations for Year 9 students whilst they are working remotely from home and also of the pastoral support that we will be able to offer.

Tutor time:

All students need to log onto their Tutor Group Google Classroom at 8:30am each morning during their normal registration period.  This is when the register for the day will be taken.  A Google Meet will be available via the tutor for students to log into their live tutor time session.  During that session tutors will check in with their tutees and tackle any learning queries


Students should follow their normal timetable for the day wherever possible. Lessons may have live elements to them and details of these will be posted onto the stream of those Google Classrooms.  All other lesson resources will also be posted on the Google Classrooms as well.  If students have any queries or concerns about their work then they should email the subject teacher. 

The student guide for live lessons has been posted on the Year 9 Google Classroom (code:pz4xipq).  Although many of them have already experienced a live lesson, all students should read this to ensure they familiarise themselves with the expectations. Year 9 students can also access their Module 2 Knowledge Organiser to help support their learning of key material that they are covering this module in their lessons. 

If work for a lesson is completed then there are plenty of other resources for them to be getting on with that can be found on the ‘additional resources’ page of our

Leigh Learning Online website (

Support from home:

We would ask that wherever possible you keep your child to a routine and make sure that they get online for tutor time at the start of each day to get their registration mark and touch base with their tutor.  We would ask that students try their best and work hard to try and complete every task.  If there are any issues with either their health, their wellbeing or the work then please do contact us. If there are any issues regarding your child not having any access to a device then please also let us know. The Year 9 bubble team can be contacted on any of the following email addresses:

Mr Shepherd – Head of College with responsibility for Year 9

Mr Piggott – Assistant Head of College with responsibility for Year 9

Mrs Turner – Student Services Manager with responsibility for Year 9

We thank you as ever for your support and understanding at this extremely challenging time. We feel confident that the students are well drilled in their understanding of how to use the digital tools available to them in order to maximise this use of time outside of the physical classroom.  It is important that they take every opportunity to keep the momentum going of what has so far been another very successful module.


Your faithfully

Mark Shepherd

Head of College with responsibility for Year 9