Digital Engagement Score

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Dear Parent/Carer

In order to make sure that all students are fully engaged in their remote learning, we have re-introduced a Digital Engagement Score tracking system (this was previously used in module 6 last year).

Teaching staff have been asked to enter a number from 1 to 5 for each student that they teach for their engagement in live lessons and in remote learning this term. This will enable teachers, tutors and leaders to see students who are performing exceptionally well and reward them, and also to identify students who may be struggling.

You or your child may receive emails or phone calls over the next week, if your child’s DES is below what we would be expecting and this will then be an opportunity to discuss any support that your child needs.  If your child is achieving 4s and 5s across all subjects then they should receive a praise letter and please do congratulate them on their excellent effort despite the current circumstances.

The Digital Engagement Scores are as follows:

Level 5: Excellent Engagement

The student consistently takes part in all aspects of online learning with enthusiasm and is determined to be successful.   All activities are completed to a high standard and do not give up when faced with difficult tasks.  Deadlines are always met.

Level 4: Good Engagement

The student is self-motivated, positive and attributes value to the work they are doing.  All online learning is completed to a good standard.  Deadlines are met.

Level 3: Inconsistent Engagement

The student is willing to expend effort to comply with the tasks set, their engagement does not always support progress and/or the student has to be given reminders to complete tasks set.  Completion of work is sometimes inconsistent in terms of quality and/or the student does not always meet deadlines.

Level 2: Low Engagement

The student’s digital engagement does not support progress and/or more than one reminder to complete work is necessary.  The student has frequently failed to complete Online Learning and rarely meets set deadlines.

Level 1: Disengaged

The student is unwilling to engage in digital learning in either the physical or virtual classroom.  They do not bring their device (if applicable) on a regular basis or it is not charged ready for learning.

Your child’s initial digital engagement score for each subject will go live on their “My Child At School” account next week.  A further digital engagement report will be published at the end of the module, so that you will be able to see the progress that your child has made over the next few weeks.

Chromebooks and devices

Since November, we have offered Chromebooks to all students in Year 7,10 and 11 and since December have been able to loan Chromebooks to any students in Year 8, 9 and Post 16 who have needed them throughout this lockdown.  We have also collected information from families who would appreciate support with internet access and are processing this through the DfE.   So, all students should now have all of the digital resources that they need to be able to complete their work at home.  If your child still needs access to a device at home then please contact:  If you child is in Year 8 or 9 and has a device that is part of the previous Chromebook scheme please contact FreedomTech for any additional technical support needed:

In order to support you as parents we are resharing the link to a Google site for parents and students to help you understand how Google Apps for Education works and how you can help support your children in their learning.

If you have any queries regarding your child’s learning please contact your children’ class teachers in the first instance if it is about one subject.  If it is a general query regarding a range of subjects or a pastoral matter then please contact your child’s tutor.

Alternatively, you can contact your children year group leadership team who will be able to assist you.

Thank you for your ongoing support of your children learning throughout this time.  We know and appreciate the challenges that families are facing at this time and by working together we hope to ensure that your child can continue to make good progress and receive any academic or pastoral support needed.


Yours faithfully

Julia Collins | Principal