Examinations Update – Year 11 & Year 13

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Dear Parents/Carers,


Following on from previous letters regarding examinations this summer, and following on from several parental queries, I want to update you, as best we can at this time. 

The Department for Education and Ofqual are holding a consultation with schools and any interested parties re the awarding of grades in the summer for Year 11 and Year 13.

Here are the links to the two Ofqual Consultation documents.

GCSE, A Level Consultation 2021 document 

Vocational Qualifications Consultation for 2021 document 

In addition here is a much shorter overview of the two above rather lengthy documents.

Overview of DfE Consultation for Academic and Vocational Examinations 2021

We have responded as an academy to this consultation but as you will see there are many unanswered questions and all we can do at this time is wait for an outcome from the Department for Education/Ofqual, once the consultation period is completed. 

In the meantime if you as a parent or your child wish to respond to the Department of Education and Ofqual to the consultations then you can do so on the following links

GCSE, AS & A Levels

Vocational Qualifications

It is vitally important that your child remains fully engaged in their online learning, they must attend every ‘live’ lesson, and complete every piece of work set, ensuring that assignments are completed and uploaded as well as any coursework or Internal Assessments (Year 13) are completed and submitted to teachers within the deadlines set, as any work completed now, may be used as part of the collection of evidence that is used to award grades in the summer.  Students should also continue to learn and revise as there may be some form of assessments and tests taken when we return to the academy and again this will show teachers what has been learnt and understood.  In addition, students need to continue to learn in preparation for their next stage of education, whether for Year 11s that means continuing studies in Post-16 or for Year 13s preparing for university or future studies. 

As soon as we have any clarity regarding the summer awarding of grades we will share it with you and your children but in the meantime I thank you for your support in continuing to encourage your child to do their best despite these uncertain times. 

As always if you have any queries or your child needs any support then please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Brewer and his team for Year 11 or Mr Burton and his team for Year 13. 


Yours faithfully,


Julia Collins