Remote Learning

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Dear Parents/Carers,


I am writing to you to remind you about the process of remote learning whilst your child is at home.


Google Classrooms

All students in all year groups will have a Google Classroom for every subject, as well as a Google Classroom for tutor time and their year group.  Each Google Classroom will be where students can access resources given to them by their subject teacher as well as instructions, classwork and assessments.


Daily Routine

From experiences of the first lockdown, where students are able to follow a consistent routine, they find it easiest to manage workloads and therefore reduce the stress on themselves and family members trying to support them.  Subject work will be available on the relevant Google Classroom and will be scheduled for the lesson time as it would be on the normal academy timetable.

  • Students should be ready for the start of their school day with lessons to start at their usual time. This includes a Google Meet with their tutor during their normal tutor time which will ensure their registration for the day.  Year 7, 8, 9 and Post-16 tutor time will be online at 8:30am each day.  Years 10 and 11 will have tutor time at 3:00pm each day.
  • Students will be able to access some ‘live’ lessons during this period of remote learning. These are scheduled on the Google Classrooms and the code for the Google Meet will be at the top left of the Google Classroom for that subject.  Please make sure that your child has read the ‘Student Guide to Live Lessons’.  The following points are essential to ensure that the remote learning process can be delivered effectively.
  • Students should ensure that they log into their Google Classroom at the start of each of their lessons. If it is a live lesson then the start may be slightly delayed whilst the teacher sets it up.  Students might be placed in a virtual waiting room until the teacher is ready to start.
  • All resources for virtual lessons will be available on the Google Classroom. There may also be assignments and homework set by the teacher too.  These can be viewed via the ‘classwork’ tab at the top of your page.
  • Teachers have been asked to set reasonable deadlines for the completion of work, which take account of students/families differing circumstances and allow work to be completed outside of the timetabled lesson if necessary. Likewise, differing personal circumstances for families and staff and variable access to technology means that ‘live’ lessons are not required of teachers, although some may choose to utilise this method.  Over a series of lessons, it is expected there will be some audio – or audio-visual input/teaching from the class teacher.  For example, this could include the modelling of expectations for the task and success criteria.  Or, video explainers being used if setting tasks on a presentation via a pre-recorded means.
  • Teachers should be available online, to support students during the normal timetabled lesson, however please bear in mind that outside of these times staff may have other professional and personal commitments which means they are not so readily available to respond to emails or messages.


If your child is identified as not being engaged in learning or not attending the virtual tutor time then you will receive contact from the year group leadership team.  If your child is unwell and cannot complete online learning then you should follow the normal absence procedure and contact the year group admin office to report this.


Support from home

To support home learning, we have created and previously shared the Leigh Learning Online website.  This has all the Google Classroom codes on along with instructions from subjects and additional online resources for learning and wellbeing.  As parents/carers, you should all have had an email inviting you to receive notifications on Google Classrooms.  This will enable you to receive weekly ‘Guardian Summary’ emails from your child’s classrooms including assignments that are due and any work they might have missed.

As parents and carers, your role in supporting the learning of your child is pivotal.  We would ask that you show a regular interest in their progress at the academy by talking to them about what they are doing in lessons and asking them to show you their work.  It is important that students have a place at home where they can complete their home learning and revision that is as clear of distractions as possible.  A Blended Learning Guide for Families has previously been published to be able to support you in supporting your child.

If you have any queries regarding online learning generally please contact your child’s form tutor.  If you have specific subject queries then please email your child’s teacher for that subject.

Thank you for your support


Yours faithfully,



Mark Shepherd

Head of College

Lead on Teaching and Learning