Year 9 Curriculum Update and Well-being Support

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Dear Parents/Carers,


We hope that your family is well and that your child has had a successful start to home learning during the current lockdown.  Here are some curriculum updates and information on student well-being.

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme Assessment

Assessments have taken place in school where possible before the Christmas break as scheduled and staff have used their professional judgment to give grades to students based on the learning they have done in school if they missed the assessments.  These grades will be given in the published reports later in this module. Teachers will also continue to assess students as they learn and give feedback on their progress.

GCSE Options

The process of Year 9 students choosing their GCSE options starts on Wednesday 3rd February with the launch of a website dedicated to helping students and parents complete this process.  A further letter containing more information about GCSE options will be with you soon and we look forward to supporting you through this exciting curriculum choice in preparation for your Childs’ GCSEs in Year 10 and 11.

Knowledge Organisers

Students have access to their Knowledge Organisers for each term through their Year Group Google Classroom where it has been set as an assignment, found in the Classroom section.  The Knowledge Organiser is a useful tool that contains the content of the learning for every subject for the whole term, supporting students in their revision, with home learning tasks, classwork and wider learning opportunities.  Please find a copy of your child’s Knowledge Organiser for this module attached: Knowledge Organiser Year 9

Well-being Support

If your child is struggling with their wellbeing, please do not hesitate to contact their Tutor, SSM or leadership team to support.  Routine is key to supporting your child in maintaining healthy wellbeing and so please advise them to stick to their normal school timetable as much as possible.  Wellbeing is about being able to experience good health, happiness and high life satisfaction, including managing your stress.  It’s not always easy to find the right strategies to establish this but there are things that your children can do whilst at home.

Please find some ways for children to maintain good health and well being guideduring the lockdown.

If your son/daughter is particularly struggling with the emotional well-being or mental health the Academy has established a partnership with NHS Trailblazers.  The NHS Trailblazers is a team of mental health support professionals that can assist with low-level wellbeing issues of low mood or anxiety.  They have been working within school since January 2020 and are continuing to offer their support services throughout this lockdown period.  If you would like any support for your son/daughter please contact

We are aware it is not always easy for parents to support their children with mental health or emotional issues and therefore please find a ‘supporting children’s mental health guide’

If you or your child has any queries or concerns through this period of time then please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Year 9 leadership team below.

Mark Shepherd (Head of College)

Matt Piggott (Assistant Head of College)

Sheena Turner (Student Service Manager)


Yours faithfully,



Mark Shepherd

Head of College

Leading on Year 9