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Mental Health Support

I am writing to introduce myself as the Mental Health and Emotional Well Being Lead at The Leigh Academy.  We are committed to supporting the mental health and well being of all students during these difficult times and my role is to support students and signpost contacts and services that are available for students and parents. 

We continue to support our students’ well-being through our pastoral teams who are in regular contact with families who require help or advice.  We understand that the national lockdown has increased pressures on families and often resulting in stress and anxiety. 

There is lots of support available for families to access but sometimes it can be a challenge finding help to support your son/daughter’s current needs.  Please see below, for a number of resources that will help, inform and advise you on how to look after your child’s mental health and wellbeing as we progress through the next few weeks of lockdown, before hopefully students will be able to return to the academy.

Wellbeing activities:

Mental health advice websites & apps:

We would also like to recommend the ‘Kooth’ website. 

‘Kooth is an online mental wellbeing community for young people’

The website offers advice, help and assistance in building resilience and overcoming the difficult stresses mentioned above.  Whilst its not a sure fix the website provides comfort and encouragement to deal with the daily mental health difficulties that some of our students are dealing with each day.

Parental support: 

Bereavement support website: 

The NHS trailblazer team is a service that works with students to manage and overcome anxiety or low mood.  They are a low level intervention service that support mental health and emotional wellbeing before higher levels are required.  The team will take self referrals from students, assess suitability and then either schedule 6-8 weeks of support sessions or signpost to alternative appropriate services. 

Self-referral for support from the NHS Trailblazers team: 

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We continue to invest in the professional ‘Hummingbird’ counselling service and enjoy the benefits of the NHS Trailblazer scheme.  A number of students have successfully completed face to face or online meetings over recent months.  

Please contact your child’s student services manager for additional information and requests for this support service. 

Year 7 –

Year 8 –

Year 9 –

Year 10 –

Year 11 –

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 01322 620420. 

Yours faithfully

Jessica Grimwade

Mental Health and Emotional Well Being Lead