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Dear Parents/Carers,


Physical Education has always been a vital factor for improving physical and mental health.  Physically, this helps ensure that all our body systems are working efficiently and mentally to alleviate the effects of stress and anxiety.  During these trying times, good health and fitness is so important for all our young people.

Therefore, throughout module 3 the PE Team have been working hard to set a variety of PE lessons and PE challenges which include:

  • General and sport specific circuit training
  • Fitness tests involving a number of components of fitness
  • A variety of PE challenges
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory workouts
  • Yoga lessons
  • Interactive online PE games

We have been monitoring our students’ engagement by asking them to complete a Google Form after each PE lesson.  These forms are available on each of the PE Google Classrooms.  Please could you encourage your son/daughter to join the Google Classroom, complete the weekly challenges and then complete the Google Form.  This can all be done during their PE lesson time.

In addition to this please see the Google Classroom codes for each year group below.  These codes have been shared with students in Tutor Time and on the Year Group Google Classrooms.  Completion of these tasks and challenges will continue to assist with health and wellbeing.

The PE team will continue to create engaging PE lessons and provide support via the Google Classroom or email.

PE Google Classroom codes:

Year 7 = z4l3ebp

Year 8 = x3vjglk

Year 9 = qahmau2

Year 10 = l5k72xb

Year 11 = 7fqddsk

Please find below a link to our Leigh Academy YouTube channel and our Leigh Academy ‘Netflex’ where you can find all of our workout videos.

Leigh Academy YouTube page:

Netflex with The Leigh Academy

Leigh Academy ‘Netflex’ page:

Netflex with Leigh Academy


Yours faithfully,

Mr A Pickett

PE Co-ordinator of Learning