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Dear Parents/Carers,


Since we returned to full reopening on Monday 8th March, we have understood the difficulties with uniform, P.E. kits and in particular shoes which had become too small over lockdown.  As we move into the Easter break, with time to resolve any issues and shops reopening from Monday 12th April, I am writing to remind you of our full uniform expectations for all Leigh Academy students.

The link to the full uniform list is here.


All students are expected to return wearing black shoes (not boots) on Monday 19th April, as well as all other aspects of uniform.  Black trainers are NOT part of The Leigh Academy uniform.


They are a compulsory item of uniform and must be worn at all times.  A navy-blue V-neck jumper is also optional that can be worn beneath the blazer.  Please make sure your child wears their blazer to the academy every day. 


A reminder too, that coats should be BLACK or NAVY BLUE.  Until now we have allowed students to wear coats inside, even occasionally in lessons, when it has been particularly cold or breezy due to the windows and doors being open for ventilation.  After the Easter break, as the weather improves, students will not be able to wear coats inside lessons nor around the building.

Hair and Nails

With hairdressers and salons reopening from the 12th April, we will fully enforce our expectation for hair being a suitable cut and natural hair colour.  Please make sure that any outstanding issues are resolved before our return.  Students must also not wear false or gel nails to the academy nor nail varnish or polish.   This is a health and safety issue particularly in practical subjects.


Students are able to wear one set of stud earrings and a watch.  Necklaces, bracelets and rings must not be worn.


Students are expected to wear the full academy P.E. kit to the academy on the days when they have P.E. on their timetable.  Please see the link for a reminder of kit to wear, whilst waiting for orders to arrive, plain black tracksuit and plain black t-shirts will still be permitted.  Students may wear suitable black sportswear leggings or suitable length shorts.  Standard leggings, hoodies or hot pant style shorts are not acceptable. 


The Leigh Academy are proud of the standards it sets its students and regularly reminds students of the expectations required by all.  We will continue to support all families and students if there are difficulties in purchasing uniforms or PE kits.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties then please contact your child’s admin office as we are often able to assist with the purchase of items as needed. 

Thank you in advance for your support in ensuring your child meets our standards and expectations for uniform as a member of The Leigh Academy.


Yours faithfully,


Stuart Lindars

Head of College