Year 13 Assessment Update 2021

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Dear Parents/Carers,


We are now in a position to be able to share more information with you and our students about the awarding of grades this summer, as well as the timeline for the Year 13 time in school for the remainder of this academic year. 

Year 13 students have returned positively this week and are fully engaged in their learning. Last week was about supporting their transition back to onsite learning (as well as the challenges of 3 COVID tests on site.)  For the remainder of this term, teachers are focusing on teaching, addressing any misconceptions and auditing any gaps in knowledge as well as completing coursework, practicals etc

IB students will have been having assessments in lessons to support their teachers in predicting their grades as this is required by the IBO by 20th April 2021.

A Level and BTEC students will have already completed mock exams unit exams and so their teacher will have a collection of evidence and data already collated with further assessments planned for after the Easter break. 

Easter Curriculum Recovery Week

The final day of Module 4 is Thursday 1st AprilIn order to support Year 13 students with their subject knowledge, help prepare them for assessments in Module 5 and make up some time for lost learning in school, we will be running extra subject sessions through week 2 of the Easter Break (Monday 12th Friday 16th April). A more detailed schedule will be shared with you soon.

Module 5

Students return for Module 5 on Monday 19th April. This will be the beginning of the final Year 13 assessment fortnight. The exact nature of these assessments is still being finalised as we await more information from exam boards in terms of question material and additional resources they are providing schools. As soon as we have those details, we will again contact you with further specifics on how this assessment fortnight will be structured.

Once the assessments in Module 5 are completed, we will use all the evidence available to us generated over the entirety of their period of study to produce A Level grades through the Centre Assessed Grade process. There will be a thorough QA/moderation process with middles leaders, senior leaders and checks with LAT before grades are submitted. No grades will be shared with students or parents at this time. 

The point about the moderation process is important: our staff cannot artificially inflate grades, first because it would be wrong to do so, and secondly because it may lead to other students’ grades being brought down. Related to this, we do need to stress that the grade awarded will not necessarily be the highest grade ever achieved during the course. There is always a temptation to believe that because a recent assessment was graded 7 or A, it means that it is unfair to be given a 6 or B: a range of evidence will be used to calculate the final grade. 

As you can see from the above, further information about the range of evidence, data, and methodology to be used by schools to submit fair and accurate grades will follow with the publication of guidance from examination boards in due course. We will review this and subsequent guidance from all examination boards fully, before embarking upon the subsequent submission of any student data. We will, or course, continue to be in touch with all students, parents and carers with further updates. Please be reassured that we will continue to support our students over the coming months, to prepare for and complete any further assessments required. Students are encouraged to remain fully engaged with their studies, at this time and on their return to school. 

Module 6

We await further details from the DfE regarding the last date that Year 13 students are required to attend school full time. We will continue to support all Year 13 students through this time with their applications and planning for their next steps.

We hope to plan leavers events, (although this will depend on COVID restrictions at the time).

Results Dates

There are two Year 13 results days: IB results will be released to students on Tuesday 6th July and A level, LIBF and BTEC results will be issued on Tuesday 10th August. We will write to you closer to the date, with a specific time students can attend the academy to collect their results. We will also support students with their transition to their next stage of education or work.

A summary of these key dates is below for you:

12th – 16th April 2021 Easter Recovery Week
19th April 2021 Start of Year 13 final assessment fortnight
6th July 2021 Year 13 IB Results Day
10th August 2021 Year 13 A level, LIBF and BTEC Results Day

The links below will take you to an overview of how the A Level and Vocational qualifications will be awarded this year.

IB Overview

A Level Overview 

Vocational Qualifications Overview

Thank you for your continued support at this time. If you have any questions then please contact Lee Forcella-Burton on


Yours faithfully,

Julia Collins