Year 9 NHS Care Boxes

A poster with the words " Thank you to all our HNS heroes for everything that you do" written on the left and a students sketch of a girl in a mask on the right.

As part of the reflection that marked one year of lockdown, Year 9 students from The Leigh Academy decided they wanted to give something back to the NHS heroes who have given so much during the pandemic. Students came up with the idea of creating a care box full of treats and snacks for the NHS staff to enjoy during their breaks. This idea soon grew and all the students in Year 9 wanted to get involved in the project which was given the title #wecare. 

Kyle drew the image of the NHS worker in a mask during the first lockdown and this design was used to create the poster and postcards for the fundraising project.  Kyle is an exceptional artist and it was an easy decision to choose this as the image to represent the #wecare project.

The students started to bring in all kinds of treats including Easter eggs, moisturisers, drinks and snacks and other non perishables that could make up the care boxes. There were 27 care boxes made up in total and they were delivered to the wellbeing team of Darent Valley Hospital on the last day of term. One Year 9 student said “After the hours they’ve been working and  how much they’ve risked, this is the least we can do to thank them for everything they’ve done”.