Year 10 Revision Guides & Workbooks

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Dear Parents/Carers,


I am pleased to be able to inform you that before the Easter break the academy invested in revision guides and workbooks for various subjects for our Year 10 students, and we are now in a position to be able to distribute certain revision guides and workbooks to every Year 10 student at The Leigh Academy.

We believe that having the use of a paper copy of certain revision guides and workbooks at home and in the academy will be invaluable in supporting your daughter/son in their studies throughout this and next year. These extra resources will help our Year 10 students to catch up with any missed learning and close any gaps in their knowledge in order to prepare for their GCSE examinations next year, but also build their overall knowledge of their subjects, further preparing them for their studies and career beyond Year 11.

It will mean that he/she can access examination style questions without a computer to prepare them for the written examination questions, especially for Mathematics and science. There is no cost to you as the parent/carer. However, a £10.00 contribution for the Music Revision Guide is required via ParentPay. Once we have received payment, your son/daughter will receive their music book. The music revision guide and many of the books can be kept by students.

However, we would like the following books to be returned by the end of Year 11.

  • Organiser/Retriever Bundle for Science
  • GCSE PE books
  • How to Revise for GCSE: Study Skills & Planner (this is a book to help with revision strategies and techniques)
  • Religious Studies
  • Computer Science Clear Revise AQA GCSE 8525
  • Business Revision Guide

Depending on each subject, students will need to bring their revision guides to all catch up and intervention sessions. Students need to be encouraged to use resources at home to support their home learning/revision.

As mentioned above, we have made a significant investment in these resources as we believe they will help your daughter/son with their learning, so we would like all parents/Carers and students to recognise this and treat these with care and respect.
We do hope you and your family are all well and relishing the measured return to normality. If you have any questions then please contact me via email


Yours faithfully,


Sarah Forde
Head of College
Leading on Year 10


Dina Grozdanic
Director of Learning for Mathematics