Year 10 Engagement with Tassomai

Four students sat at a table

Dear Parents/Carers,

In Module 1 students were given access to an online learning platform called Tassomai. Tassomai enables students to make use of a revision technique known as retrieval practice by answering questions for science topics covered in previous science lessons. Students receive 3 points for correctly answered questions and have 1 point deducted for every question answered incorrectly.  A daily goal is set for each student, which is expected to be completed at least four times per week. There is evidence that by maintaining this level of engagement, students could improve by up to one whole grade in their GCSE examinations. 

Engagement with Tassomai has varied, with some students completing their daily goals every day of the week, and others not at all. With this in mind, the academy has introduced a new notification on Bromcom called a “T1”.  Students will receive a T1 if they are falling beneath the expectation of completing their daily goals at least 4 days per week.  Tassomai engagement is monitored on Friday each week and T1 notifications will be assigned the following week. If your son/daughter receives a T1, they must attend a compulsory meeting the following academy day in D107 for a discussion about the importance of engagement and a chance to complete their goals for that day, if they have not already. This will be effective from the beginning of Module 6, Monday 7th June.

We also acknowledge the importance of praise for those students who fall under the category of “most engaged” during our weekly reviews of Tassomai engagement benefit from positive reward points on Bromcom/MCAS. Many students have already benefited from this acknowledgement throughout the year, and we would very much like to see other names added to this list. 

Thank you for your continued support at home regarding Tassomai. If you would like to know more about how Tassomai works and how your son/daughter can make the best use of it, please do not hesitate to contact me via email

Yours Faithfully,


Hannah Keogh

Coordinator of Learning for Science