Year 9 Subject Specialist Choices

Class of Leigh Academy students looking to the front of the classroom.

Dear Parent/Carer

In order to give our students a more personalised learning experience through Year 9, we are pleased to be able to offer them the opportunity to choose certain subjects to specialise in within their curriculum next year.

The core curriculum subjects of Maths, English, Science, MFL, core ICT, core PE, Humanities, Design & Technology and Healthy Minds will still be timetabled for all students as they continue into Year 9

Students can then choose 2 from the following 5 to complete their timetable of lessons from September:

  • Physical Education
  • Digital Information Technology (DIT)
  • Art and Photography
  • Drama
  • Dance

Students have all had an assembly this week explaining how this works, including the process of ranking the 5 subject choices in order of preference on the Year 9 Subject Specialisms 2021 Google Form.

Physical Education – these lessons will be in addition to the core PE lessons all students will have on their timetable. The content will be largely theory (classroom based) enabling students to understand more about topics including body systems, performance enhancing drugs and the relationship between media and sport. These lessons will provide an excellent base of knowledge should students pursue GCSE PE in their options through Year 10 and 11.

Digital Information Technology – these lessons will be in addition to the core ICT lessons all students will have on their timetable. The content will be based on introducing students to the 2 computing GCSE options to help them with their choices next year. The 2 computing GCSE options are DIT and Computer Science and students will explore the key knowledge and skills required within each of these areas, with a particular focus on coding.

Art and Photography – these lessons will give students the opportunity to experience Fine Art, Art Graphics and Photography through Year 9. All of these subjects are separate options at GCSE and will give students an excellent insight into the difference between the 3 strands, and help them decide which pathway would be the best one for them to take in Year 10 and 11.

Drama – these lessons focus on the communication skills needed for working life, using acting, character building as the vehicle. Students gain an awareness about speech patterns, body language and presentation through a variety of styles and practitioners. The various styles provoke different thought processes and an insight into the contextual factors sounding each era of the practitioner’s work. The students will then use this to interpret their own pieces of theatre, including being responsible for all the elements of theatre such as sound, lighting, costume, props and set design – abstract and naturalistic in preparation for year 10 and 11.

Dance – these lessons will allow students to experience contemporary and street dance in our amazing dance studio. They will enjoy both individual and group dance activities as well as begin to develop their theory knowledge to give them additional insight into Dance as a GCSE subject.

The deadline for submitting the Google Form is Thursday 17th June, allowing you time to discuss the choices with teachers and tutors. A reminder that you have Parent – Teacher afternoon on Wednesday 16th June which is another opportunity for you to ask questions about the Year 9 curriculum should you wish to do so.

Mid way through Year 9, we will write to you again detailing the GCSE options process for your child.


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Yours faithfully

Kevin Brewer | Head of College in charge of Curriculum