Year 13 On-Site COVID Lateral Flow Testing

Small group of Leigh Academy students smiling whilst reading books together.

Dear Parents/Carers,

Following on from the Principal’s letter regarding the start of the new academic year, I wanted to write with year group specific details for COVID Lateral Flow Testing.

Year 13 students will come in for their first COVID Lateral Flow (LFT) in the Sports Hall at The Leigh Academy on Wednesday 1st September. Students should arrive within their allocated time:

Surnames A – M: 1:00pm – 1:30pm; Surnames N – Z: 1:30pm – 2:00pm 

Students can wear their own clothes and will only need to be in the academy for approximately 30 minutes. They will need to wear a face covering to this test. Once students have completed their LFT, they will be able to leave the academy. Parents/carers will only be notified if their child has a positive result. In the event of a positive result, students will need to self-isolate and book a PCR test urgently, not returning to the academy until either a negative result is received and shared with the academy or a 10-day isolation has been completed in the event of a positive PCR test (which should also be shared with the academy). 

Year 13’s first day of the new academic year will be on Thursday 2nd September. The day begins at 8:30am, with an extended tutor time until 9:30am, when they will receive a copy of their timetable and go through any changes for the year ahead, as well as reminders on our standards and expectations. Students with a timetabled period 1 and 2 lesson that day will then go to their timetabled period 2 lesson from 9:30am. Students with no timetabled period 2 lesson that day will go to the Lecture Theatre for a session with the Post-16 Team about Post-18 options until 11:00am. There will also be an extended tutor time from 8:30am till 9:30am on Friday 3rd September but only for students who are on site for a timetabled period 1 and 2 lesson.  

Students’ second LFT will take place on Tuesday 7th September. Students will take this test within the academy day. If they do not have a timetabled period 1 and 2 lesson, they should arrive at 10:30am to take their LFT and go to their usual break in the restaurant at 11:00am. If they have a timetabled period 1 and 2 lesson, they should go to the Sports Hall to take their LFT at 11:00am, after which they can either go to the restaurant for break or go home, if they do not have a timetabled period 3 and 4 lesson.

 Ms Shepley and I very much look forward to working in partnership with Year 13 students and parents/carers again next year. I wish you all a safe and happy summer holiday.

Yours faithfully,

Mr L Forcella-Burton

Director of Post-16