Year 9 End of Year MYP Assessment Week- 21 Apr 2022

Dear Parents/Carers,

Re: Year 9 End of Year (EOY) MYP Assessment Week- 23rd- 27th May 2022

We are writing about the Year 9 End of Year (EOY) Assessment week, starting on Monday 23rd May 2022. These are an opportunity for students to formally demonstrate what they have learned and know as a result of the teaching they have received, as well as support them to prepare for the next stage of learning.

During this week, students will be tested on the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the academic year. They will complete an assessment in each subject.

Subject Leaders will be scheduling exactly when subject assessments will be within this window and will communicate both the timing and topic lists via Google Classroom nearer the time. Please encourage your child to ensure they know exactly what they will be tested on and to spend appropriate time learning and revising for these assessments.

Assessments will last no longer than fifty minutes and will be completed within timetabled lessons.

The results of these EOY MYP assessments will be shared with parents and carers during the last week of the summer term.

The outcomes of the Mathematics, English, and Science, and MFL EOY assessments will be used in order to review the ability-based set that your son/daughter will be in at the beginning of Year 10.

We will continue to prepare students for revision and preparation for these assessments through lessons and tutor time. The students may also refer back to their exercise books, knowledge organisers, and their subject Google classrooms to support their revision.

We understand that preparing for the EOY MYP Assessments could cause worry for some of our students, so please do remind your son/daughter to talk initially to their subject teacher or form tutor if they have any concerns.

Yours faithfully

Sarah Forde
Head of College, leading on examinations