Attenborough College Activity Day Trip (12th July) – 15th June 2022

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Dear Parents/ Carers

Re: Attenborough College Activity Day TripTuesday 12th July 2022

It is with great pleasure that I write to you to tell you about the activity day we have arranged for the whole of Year 12, in recognition of Post-16 becoming its own college this year. In recognition of our college being named for Sir David Attenborough, we have decided to take the year group for a day of outdoor activities in Mote Park in Maidstone, where we have booked sole use of their Outdoor Activities Centre for the day on Tuesday 12th July 2022.

Students will depart by coach from The Leigh Academy at 8:30am and return to the academy at approximately 3:00pm. Although there is a cafe at Mote Park, students should all bring enough food, snacks and drink to keep them going for the day, especially as we will finish the day with a college picnic. Students should also bring suitable protection from the sun (in the form of sunscreen and a hat) and a waterproof jacket (in case of rain). Students must wear suitable clothing and footwear for physical activities. They should also bring their phones or another camera with them, as they will spend a portion of the day completing a photographic challenge in groups.

During the course of the day, students will all have the opportunity to take part in rock wall climbing, high wire walking and mini-golf, as well as the photographic challenge.

We anticipate that the day will be a lot of fun (after several very challenging years in education, when such trips have not been possible, due to the pandemic) but also a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves in various ways. It will also be a great chance to cement friendships made this year and build Attenborough College spirit.

The Leigh Academy is subsidising this trip so it is FREE to all students.

To allow your child to take part in this trip, please sign the attached consent slip and ask them to return it to Mrs Howell in Post-16 Reception by Friday 24th June.


Yours sincerely

Julia Collins

Mr Lee Forcella-Burton
Director of Post-16
Leading Attenborough College