Year 10 Mock Examinations 2022

A group of Leigh Academy students are photographed sitting together at their desks, looking at their laptops and smiling.

Dear Parents/Carers,

We thank you for all of your support with your daughter/son’s homework and revision at home as Year 10 students continue with preparations for their Mock Examinations, which begin on Monday 20th June. Your daughter’s son/ has been issued with an examination timetable and the final draft of the schedule is also included with this letter. Students will take their options exams in their classrooms and as group A/ B or C. If your child does not have an exam scheduled then they will attend usual timetabled lessons.

SEN students have been assessed for examination access arrangements and these will be put in place for their English, Maths, and Science examinations as these will be taking place in the Sports Hall. All other subject examinations will be taking place in classrooms during the normal lesson time. Full access arrangements will be in place for all mock examinations that will be taking place throughout Year 11 next academic year.

The results of these examinations will be shared with parents and carers during the last week of the summer term.

In line with our Assessment and Reporting calendar, your son/daughter will be issued with their current grades for all of their GCSE and BTEC subjects at this point.

Your daughter/son’s subject teachers will be tailoring lessons to help students to perform to the best of their ability in these examinations. Subject teachers will also continue to model key knowledge and examination techniques in their lessons. It is crucial that your daughter/son focuses fully during these lessons to be fully prepared for the examinations.

Subject teachers will also be setting your daughter/son, plenty of homework, which will be reviewed in future lessons. Please make sure that your daughter/son continues to check their Google Classrooms regularly and that she/he completed all of the homework set to the very best of their ability. Let’s make sure that the final weeks of Year 10 provide a springboard for progress, which will promote further progress at the start of Year 11.

The outcomes of the Mathematics, English and Science mock examinations will be used in order to review the ability-based set that your son/daughter will be in at the beginning of Year 11. Should your son/daughter move set, the relevant Director of Learning will communicate this to you.

We will continue to prepare students for revision and preparation for these examinations through lessons and tutor time.

We understand that preparing for the Mock Examinations could cause worry for some of our students, so please do remind your son/daughter to talk initially to their subject teacher or form tutor if they have any concerns.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Forde
Examination Lead

View the Year 10 Mock Examinations Timetable here