Year 13 Autumn Mock Examinations & Key Assessment Points 2022-23

Three female Leigh Academy students sitting at a table, working together.

Dear Parents/Carers,

An overview of the key assessment points for Year 13 have been summarised below:

  • 28th November to 16th December 2022 – Mock examinations for all A Level, IB and BTEC Subjects
  • 9th and w/c 12th December 2022 – A Level and BTEC mock practical examinations
  • January and February 2023 – Level 3 BTEC public examinations (dates to be confirmed)
  • May and June 2023 – IB, A Level and BTEC public examinations

As you know, the purpose of the mock examinations is to provide an opportunity for students to begin revising the practical content of their A Level, IB and BTEC subjects so that this can be committed to long-term memory. It is also to enable them to experience the pressure of working under examination conditions, managing their time in that situation, and navigating their way through examination papers and activities. We are sure you will join us in urging your son/daughter to make the very most of this opportunity to enhance his/her chances of success in the final examinations next summer. Your son/daughter will receive an individual examination mock timetable that will be available on your My Child at School account. The overall master mock timetable will also be available on the academy website. Please can you ensure that your son/daughter is at the academy on time as we will need to ensure morning examinations begin promptly at 9:00am. Afternoon examinations will continue past the usual end time for Year 13. Registers will be taken in all lessons during this period and we will contact you if your son/daughter is absent. In addition, to the mock examinations, some of the Year 13 students have BTEC public examinations starting in January 2023. Your son/daughter will be issued with a timetable for these subjects, and a copy will also be posted on your My Child at School account. We are sure you will join us in urging your son/daughter to make the very most of this opportunity to enhance his/her chances of success as these examinations are vital preparation for his/her actual qualifications in the summer.

Results Days

The IB results will be released on 6th July. The A Level and BTEC results will be released on 17th August. Vocational qualifications used to progress in a similar way will be issued on or before the same days, and other vocational qualification results will continue to be issued throughout the year.

Learning Support

With all of the above in mind, we are arranging for an external company called ‘Learning Performance’ to deliver a full-day workshop for Year 13 students in Module 3. The day will consist of 4 different sessions, all designed to help them with revision strategies and raising attainment through to their Post-16 examinations next summer.

Students will be given more details about the timings and location of these sessions next module and we hope the day will help them plan more effectively for their final examinations next summer.

There will also be some revision sessions for students to attend in certain subjects during the second week of the half term break, Monday 31st – Friday 4th November. You can sign up for the available sessions here.

There are a lot of details in this letter and we will be holding Year 13 assemblies next module to share all of the above with students too.

If you have any queries in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Forde
Head of Mandela College
Examinations Lead