Year 11 National Citizens Service (NCS) Experiences

Photo showing three Post-16 students sat around a table with smiles on their faces.

Dear Parents/Carers,

In assemblies this week, we have launched recruitment for students in Year 11 to sign up for an experience with the National Citizens Service (NCS) during one of the school holidays in 2023. Every year, students from our academy in these year groups get to enjoy wonderful experiences with NCS that develop students’ self-confidence, character and employability and that also provide invaluable evidence to add to applications for university, apprenticeships and employment.

This year, NCS away from home experiences will help your teen to Live It, Boss It, or Change It over five-days and four-nights – the choice of theme is theirs.


This 5-day adventure away from home gives young people the life hacks they didn’t know they needed, teaches survival skills, and tests limits with adrenaline-filled outdoor activities at an outdoor activity centre.


This experience takes place at University accommodation and is for young people keen to start their career goals or own business. It gives tools, know-how, and inspiration needed to take control and be successful.


This theme gives young people the chance to change their community, or even the world, for the better. They’ll explore the issues facing society today, discover their purpose, and turn passions into projects that make a difference, before enjoying two days at an outdoor activity centre.

What are the benefits of NCS away from home experiences?

  • It’s only £95 for the entire experience, including accommodation, transport and food (bursaries are also available for students in receipt of pupil premium, free school meals and 16-19 bursary).
  • NCS enhances CVs and college applications.
  • NCS is recognised by UCAS and will benefit personal statements.
  • NCS improves confidence and offers skills essential for starting work.
  • NCS provides new skills and helps people develop independence.
  • NCS allows your teen a chance to stay away from home.

It’s an exciting opportunity and not one to be missed. Your teen can only do NCS away from home experiences when they are 16 or 17 year olds, so if they’re looking for a new challenge or a chance to get out the house and make a difference, visit and register today, as places are limited.

Yours faithfully,

Mr L Forcella-Burton
Director of Post-16, leading Attenborough College