Our Ethos

At The Leigh Academy, we aim to provide a school environment which is welcoming and supportive and to create a caring, working atmosphere which will enable students to reach their full potential intellectually, spiritually, ethically and physically. The Leigh recognises the importance of the individual, values all its students equally and strives to ensure that they have the opportunity to experience success. We publicly acknowledge their achievements with pride.

Why Choose Us?

The Leigh is not just another school. The Leigh Academy is one of the highest achieving state comprehensives in England and we want to become the best – a centre of excellence for education.

The Leigh offers a fresh and modern learning environment which specialises in Business and Enterprise, Sport and Technology. Students benefit from a huge range of innovative and exciting opportunities. It is an exciting place to work and learn, providing a truly unique education experience for every student. It seeks to break new ground in terms of curriculum innovation, teaching and achievement. We want our students to challenge themselves and achieve more than they thought possible.

The purpose built Academy has the most up-to-date, technologically advanced facilities available. It is divided into four Colleges each containing 400 students aged 11-18 taught by their own staff. Our dedicated and energetic staff make a real difference to the lives of our students. We believe that these smaller schools within the Academy develop deeper relationships and lay stronger foundations for learning which underpin outstanding achievement.

The principles that have taken us on our exciting journey remain: namely, a passion for learning; a commitment to trying new ways to inspire and motivate young minds; and a dedication to helping each student fulfil their potential by encouraging them to explore all that life has to offer. Everyone who visits us is impressed by our students, the working atmosphere, the sheer sense of enjoyment in the learning process and the strong focus on achievement.