Hearing Impaired Unit

The Inclusion Hub at the Leigh Academy includes a dedicated resource base for Hearing Impaired students with severe to profound hearing loss. We have been offering support to HI children for over 20 years working primarily with an aural/oral approach, with sign support for some children. We are moving towards a total communication/ child led approach with the needs of each child being assessed and taught accordingly, encompassing all methods available.

The HI students are placed in Tutor Groups alongside their hearing peers. They are taught by the Academy’s subject teachers, working in the mainstream classes, for the majority of the time. The Hearing Impaired Resource Base’s specialist staff provide support, working alongside teaching staff, to ensure that the needs of the deaf students are taken into account. Some of the students use Sign Language to support their spoken language so signed communication support is provided. All staff within the HIU have at least BSL level 1 with some working towards their level 2. The Academy strives to promote Deaf Awareness within the Academy community as a whole and Deaf Awareness is included in the pastoral programme for all students.

Though the Hearing Impaired students work primarily in their main classes for majority of the time, some lessons take place in the Hearing Impaired Resource Base itself. The rooms are used for specialist teaching, audiology and Speech and Language Therapy.

The Inclusion Hub

At the Leigh Academy we support and value the abilities of all our students. We strongly believe that it is our duty to provide equal opportunities for every young person in our care and a safe and fully equipped learning environment, which caters to the needs of every student as an individual. We are committed to inclusion within the Academy curriculum and participation in all aspects of Academy life.

The Leigh Academy adopts a ‘holistic approach’ to special educational needs. All staff work to ensure inclusion of all students. We are committed to ensuring that students with special educational needs can fulfil their potential and achieve optimal educational outcomes.

Within the Leigh we can make provision for most kinds of frequently occurring Special Educational Needs. We have nineteen Learning Support Assistants who support our SEND students both inside the classroom and outside the classroom. These include five Hearing Impaired Specialists and one Visually Impaired Specialist. We run additional interventions for Literacy, Numeracy, Dyslexia, ELSA, ASD and EAL.

The Academy also currently meets the needs of students with a statement of Special Educational Need/Education, Health and Care plan with the following kinds of Special Educational Need: Speech, Language and Communication Need, Cognition and Learning, Emotional, Social and Mental Health Difficulties and Sensory and Medical needs. Within the Academy we monitor the progress of all students six times a year to review their academic progress. We also use a range of assessments with all students at least once a Module. We ensure that all teachers and support staff who work with the young person are aware of the support to be provided and the teaching approaches to be used.

If you would like further information, please contact the Director of Inclusion, Nita Butler, at nita.butler@leighacademy.org.uk or by calling 01322 620420.

Speech and Language Resource-Based Provision

The Resource Base is set up to specifically support students with a primary need of Speech, Language and Communication Needs on their Statement of Special Educational Need or their Education Heath Care Plan. These students will have been identified as likely to struggle full time in a main stream environment .

The students have access to:

  • A full, rich and relevant curriculum
  • Opportunities to develop socially and intellectually
  • Specialist support through small group teaching and therapy to enable access and independence across the mainstream curriculum by the Speech and Language therapist, Specialist Teachers and Learning Support Assistants
  • The approach is one that is flexible and responsive to the individual needs of each student.

The aim of the Resource Base is to support and increase:

  • Independent learning
  • Strategies to overcome specific difficulties
  • Access to an inclusive mainstream education.
  • Students, parents, staff and other agencies work in partnership to achieve s the best outcomes for each individual student.

Leigh Accessibility Plan

Leigh Accessibility Plan (.pdf)