The Opening of The Leigh CTC in 1990

Photo of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher posing for the camera alongside three other individuals at the opening on Leigh City Technology College.
Photo showing former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher opening Leigh City Technology College.
Former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, is seen posing for the camera whilst holding up a gift she has received on the same day as opening Leigh City Technology College in the 1980s.
A handshake between two men during the opening event for Leigh City Technology College in the 1980s.
Leigh City Technology College logo
Old newspaper article about the renaming and opening of Leigh City Technology College from the 1980s.

One from the LAT Archives!

The opening of The Leigh CTC, Dartford, 1990

Just over 30 years ago, The Leigh City Technology College, became one of the first CTC’s in the country. It was generously endowed by Sir Geoffrey Leigh and became a leading school in the region with a powerful ethos and curriculum rationale. The Leigh CTC went on to become The Leigh Academy and later gave birth to Leigh Academies Trust.

The official opening ceremony over 30 years ago was conducted by the Prime Minister. This collection of photos and clippings from the time recall the event.