Summer School 2021

Using the funding allocation we received from the DfE we were able to run a 10-day Year 6 summer school during July and August 2021.  The summer camp was a huge success with 170 new Year 7 students experiencing a fantastic week of academic and enrichment experiences. 

Photos of  Year 6 Summer School

The aim of the Year 6 summer school programme was to incorporate a blend of academic education and enrichment activities, whilst giving our students the opportunity to build relationships and confidence ready for their September start. During the week Monday 26th – Friday 30th July and Monday 2nd – Friday 6th August our incoming Year 7 cohort were given a comprehensive timetable of activities in preparation for their move to a secondary school environment.  Students from over 50 different primary schools attended either one or two weeks. Students identified with EHCP, Health Care Needs, disadvantaged or identified as highly vulnerable were given the opportunity to attend for two weeks

The week started with an assembly to introduce the various staff members and activities they would all be undertaking. Students enjoyed a variety of activities focussing on English, Maths, and Science and enjoyed several STEM activities. Students were provided with their own personal equipment that also helped them complete Art and D&T activities. Staff from across a variety of learning areas came together to deliver fun and engaging activities. This culminated in the ‘Y6 Mini Olympics’ on their final day with a prize giving and reward afternoon to complete the week.

Students also met their future teachers, navigated the building but most importantly enjoyed being back in an interactive school environment. This has enabled this cohort to really hit the ground running in September and was also evident in the feedback from parents.

My daughter was nervous about coming into the school but she quickly became friends with a few people and really enjoyed the activities she is looking forward to starting in September”

“Jessica’s confidence has grown and is now really looking forward to September”

Overall, the Leigh Academy ensured the summer camp was effectively staffed, resourced and made a positive contribution to the transition of our new Year 7 students into the Leigh Academy.

Congratulations to Mr Pickett (Summer School Coordinator) and his team of staff who all contributed to the success of the Summer Camp.

Summer School Expenditure

Please see below a summary of The Leigh Academy summer school and how it used the DFE school funding allocated to them. The grant was used to run a Year 6 ‘transition’ summer school for the majority of students (170/240) due to join the academy in August 2021. The funds were used to ensure the camp was fully staffed with a mix of academic and enrichment activities over a two-week period.

Summary of summer school activity

Dates of summer school

  • Monday 26th – Friday 30th July
  • Monday 2nd – Friday 6th August

Total number of pupils in attendance

Count of total number of pupils who attended at any point in the summer school

170 Year 7 students attended over the two-week period

Summary of activities

Brief summary of the range of academic and enrichment activities that made up the Summer School provision

  • Maths lessons
  • English lessons
  • Science experiments
  • Art lessons
  • ICT activities
  • Team building activities
  • A variety of PE lessons
  • Outdoor adventurous activities


Total funding received

£43, 859.00

Summary of spending



Meals & refreshments


Travel costs


Activities and Events

  1. Dan the Skipping Man – 3 x Skipping sessions – £275.00
  2. Body Clinic – Motivational and inspirational team building sessions – £1,282.50
  3. Fitter Stronger – Emotional well being and motivational sessions – £400
  4. Altitude Events – Rock climbing, knife throwing, human table football, Quasar laser, crazy golf and other Team building activities – £,550.01

Total = £6,810.23


  1. Kent County Supplies – stationery, wall chart paper, labels, box files, folders, and other essentials for students study packs – £1288.90
  2. Amazon – Pencil case study packs (1 for each student) – £1302.72

Total = £2591.55



Sundries (please specify) 

  1. Training bibs and delivery – £251.95 
  2. A. Pickett – Refreshments claim – £102.44
  3. R.Nestfield – Refreshments claim – £32.26

Total = £386.65

Overall, the Year 6 Summer camp was a resounding success and ensured that the students were fully supported in their transition into secondary school.

Mr Stuart Lindars
Vice Principal and Head of Darwin College
Ic of admissions