Careers Programme 2020/2021

The Leigh Academy Careers Learning Programme 2020/2021

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Sixth Form Work Placements 

Post-16 students are encouraged to seek work placements but these must be sought-out and arranged by the students and their parents/carers. Advice and support is available at all times. 

Students may undertake work placements at any time of the academic year (with authorised absence) except during public examinations and at exam board deadlines. 

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Year 10 Work Experience (WEX)

Providing Year 10 with the opportunity to take part in a one week work experience programme provides them with the understanding and knowledge of real world work and furnishes them with key employability skills which can then be applied to their CVs and personal statements. 

We encourage all students to seek and apply for their own work experience, we recommend and will guide students to explore opportunities in an area that interests them and reflects their passions and abilities. 

Students must make contact with employers under the guidance of an adult, use their school email address and not contact individuals via a social media platform.  

NOTE: We are cautiously optimistic work experience will commence in 2021 and are keeping contact with local companies to stay updated. Virtual work experience (VWEX) may be our way forward and we will endeavor to ensure all students are given the opportunity remotely or in-person to be involved. 

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Gatsby Benchmarks 

The Gatsby Foundation put together 8 benchmarks designed to guide schools and colleges nationwide in educating and equipping students in Years 7 – 13 for future successful transitions from formal education into the world of work. 

Benchmark 1

A stable careers programme 

Benchmark 2

Learning from career and labour market information 

Benchmark 3

Addressing the needs of each pupil 

Benchmark 4

Linking curriculum learning to careers

Benchmark 5

Encounters with employers and employees 

Benchmark 6

Experiences of workplaces 

Benchmark 7

Encounters with further and higher education 

Benchmark 8

Personal Guidance