Get Involved

During your time at one of the Leigh Academies Trust Academies, it is important to develop your skills both academically and in the wider community.

Extra-curricular activities can enhance your life chances.

You may wish to play the careers game on Plotr to identify some career interests.

Plan your future:

Hobbies and interests can help us by developing our Curriculum Vitae (CV) for future careers:

  • Armed Forces

If you have an interest in the armed forces you have the opportunity to join the cadets.

Students interested in careers in Performing arts should be involved in extracurricular activities. Networking is key to a successful career in this industry and the more performance that one is involved with the better the chances in the future.
Employers/Universities/Colleges will expect a student to have a portfolio of work to demonstrate at interview. It is never too early to start preparing your portfolio.

Performing arts improves our self – confidence, communication skills and expression.

  • Medical related careers

Careers in a large number of medical professions can be exceptionally competitive. The more that can be done prior to university/apprenticeship application can enhance your chances of success. Work experience in hospitals can be hard to find and you will have to be in Post 16 in the main to gain an opportunity, however, there are numerous organisations that you can join or volunteer with that will enhance you long term careers prospects.

Consider gaining experience within the medical profession by volunteering with one of the following:

Team sports – Develops a wide range of skills including leadership, drive, determination and teamwork. There is a wide range of clubs to join in your local area.

  • Volunteering

Volunteering can enhance your long-term employment prospects as it will add additional experiences to your CV alongside your academic studies.

Consider the following: