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KS5: IB Film


Our aim is to devise a Film curriculum that allows students to think critically about the world around them, analysing the visual and audio elements that form our way of life. Through the discovery of subject specific words and textual study – students will be able to explain the deeper meanings and effects created for an audience. During their two years studying IB Film students will engage with the four main skills of Film – Analysis, Research, Planning and Production – providing a sound and rounded understanding of the subject to take forward into further education or a career.

This course should enable students to:

  • Access all key concepts in year 13 whilst studying them in increasing complexity for the two years. In year 13 students study a variety of assessment topics in each module, allowing them time to embed a mixture of the previously mentioned key skills along with a particular media product focus before they move on. 
  • Develop knowledge of the assessments, students are also required to plan and create practical pieces – based around four assessment briefs that range from textual analysis to video essay and film production. Students are responsible for applying all of the key skills they have obtained and using them creatively to produce a realistic and professional design.
  • Consolidate their learning across both disciplines in preparation for four final assessments in which they will test their knowledge theoretical, analytical and practical frameworks.

Textual analysis

  • Externally assessed
  • Standard level – 30% of overall grade
  • Higher level – 20% of overall grade

Students at SL and HL demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of how meaning is constructed in film. They do this through a written analysis of a prescribed film text based on a chosen extract (lasting no more than five minutes) from that film. Students consider the cultural context of the film and a variety of film elements.

Comparative study

  • Externally assessed
  • Standard level – 30% of overall grade
  • Higher level – 20% of overall grade

Students at SL and HL carry out research into a chosen area of film focus, identifying and comparing two films from within that area and presenting their discoveries as a recorded multimedia comparative study.

Film portfolio

  • Internally assessed
  • Standard level – 40% of overall grade
  • Higher level – 25% of overall grade

Students at SL and HL undertake a variety of film-making exercises in three film production roles, led by clearly defined filmmaker intentions. They acquire and develop practical skills and techniques through participation in film exercises, experiments and the creation of at least one completed film.

Collaborative film project (HL only)

  • Internally assessed
  • Higher level – 35% of overall grade

Bringing together all they have encountered during the film course, students at HL work collaboratively in a core production team to plan and create an original completed

Students will be supported with a number of different types of assessment materials to ensure they reach their full potential in their IB Film examinations and internal Coursework unit submissions including: 

  • Teacher designed support guides and resources
  • Google drive folder containing all resources for students
  • Google classroom access including all guidance
  • Lesson by lesson electronic guidance

Schedule of Learning

  • Module 1:  Collaborative Film Project
  • Module 2 : Editing Processes
  • Module 3:  Assessment Criteria and Improvement
  • Module 4:  Assessment Development

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