Business & Enterprise

Business Subjects at The Leigh

Studying Business at The Leigh requires students to draw on prior learning from many subjects. As we explore the dynamic world of business, students learn to connect their personal interests with the themes important in the business world. Whether at GCSE, BTEC, or A level, the business curriculum is designed to present crucial learning in an interesting and engaging manner.

The world of enterprise is notoriously non-academic (although every great business leader has returned to education to capitalise on their intuitions), therefore the business curriculum acknowledges diverse voices and approaches. We enable all students to reach their potential by building on their existing strengths. Learners in business feel confident to share ideas and to take risks, knowing that staff and peers share their ambition of high grades and competency in business studies.

GCSE Business

During Year 10 and 11, we follow the AQA Business Studies course. 6 units are taught using Google classroom, up to date case studies, group work and business news. We have help from online platforms Seneca, Quizlet and BBC Bitesize to ensure students are well equipped for the 2 exam papers we sit at the end of Year 11.

BTEC Business

Students can choose the Extended Certificate in business, whereby we sit 2 controlled timed assignments, and create 2 individual assignments over the course of the 2 years. Focusing on Marketing and Finance aspects of the business world. Students work in teams to explore relevant topics, and produce their own final work.

IB Business Management

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme delivers in-depth business knowledge over two years. Students prepare for 2 exams at the end of Year 13, whilst producing an individual report on a business investigation. A level autonomy and business acumen are encouraged on this course, following the holistic approach fostered through IB learning.

LIBF Financial Studies

In Year 12 students achieve the Certificate in Financial Studies through successfully passing 4 exams (2 MCQ and 2 Written), in Year 13 they study for the Diploma in the same manner. Identifying and applying current financial services knowledge to case materials, choosing appropriate financial products and linking developments in the industry with the impact it has on our lives, ensures all students enjoy this course as it opens up banking product knowledge to young adults.

As we return to normal there will be scope for trips on all courses in Business at The Leigh. Students enjoy excellent resources and the support of enthusiastic teachers with business backgrounds. Classes are designed to enable all students to participate and find areas of the vast business world which speak most to their interests.