In Years 7 and 8, students study a wide variety of topics:

  • Medieval Realms
  • The Reformation
  • The English Civil War
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Empire and Trade
  • Black Peoples of the Americas
  • World War One
  • Women’s Suffrage

History develops knowledge and understanding of local, national and international events in the past.  In the study of History students have the opportunity to consider how past events have shaped the society and values of the world in which they live. It encourages them to examine their rights and responsibilities and to think critically about how and why things are the way they are. Students develop a variety of skills including analytical thinking, research, communication and evaluation of evidence. Students’ work is assessed at the end of each Module in a variety of different ways from timed tests/essays to projects and presentations.

Course Books and Equipment

  • In Search of History 1066-1485, JF Aylett
  • In Search of History 1485-1714, JF Aylett
  • Expansion, Trade and Industry, Cresswell and Laurence
  • Black Peoples of the Americas, Kelly, Rees and Shuter
  • The Twentieth Century World, J Brooman
  • Essential Modern World History, B Walsh
  • Planner, pen, pencils, eraser, ruler, calculator

Students study a Foundation Course for the first three modules of Year 9, to prepare them for the content and skills needed for their GCSE History.  Students will follow Edexcel Schools History Project. The study of History gives students a sense of the past and an awareness of the development of different values and societies. It equips students with the key skills needed for lifelong learning and the workplace. Students who study History acquire strong analytical, research and communication skills. They tend to be reflective and good at problem solving.

The Foundation course consists of:

  • Crime and punishment in the 19th century
  • Britain 1918-1939
  • Britain during World War II

Edexcel School History Project:

  • Unit 1:  Medicine and public health in Britain, c50AD to the present day.
  • Unit 2:  Germany, 1918-45
  • Unit 3:  The Transformation of surgery, c1845-c1918
  • Unit 4:  Russia, 1917-1939

All units are examined at the end of Year 11, except for Unit 4, which is a controlled assessment.  Students can prepare for it and bring in a plan and notes, but must complete it under timed conditions.

Photo of students posing with props as historical characters.

During Year 12, students study the following options:

Unit 1 Option D – A World Divided, Communism and Democracy in the 20th Century:

  • Option D5 – Pursuing Life and Liberty, Equality in the USA, 1945-1968
  • Option D6 – Ideology, Conflict and Retreat, the USA in Asia, 1950 – 1973

Unit 2 British History Depth Studies:

  • Option D2 – Britain and the Nationalist, Challenge in India, 1900 – 1947