About the course

The next generation Edexcel Certificate in Digital Applications (CiDA) is a level 2 vocational qualification for creative learners with a passion for digital applications.

Edexcel CiDA from 2012 has been developed from the popular Edexcel DiDA qualifications, which the Academy has run successfully for several years now.  There is a change of focus to emphasise creative computing. It aims to empower learners to play an active role in the digital sector rather than being simply consumers of digital content. Tailor made to meet the needs of today’s creative industries, the qualification covers website development and then a choice of imaging, creative multimedia or computer game production.

What will I do on the course?

This course aims to give students the skills to use the tools and techniques provided by artwork and imaging software to design and create effective graphic products for specified purposes and audiences. Students will investigate a range of graphic products to find out how images are used to convey a particular message. They will discover that they like some of these products more than others and they will need to consider why this is the case.

Once they have a good understanding of the possibilities offered by artwork and imaging, they will learn how to produce images that communicate effectively onscreen and in print and how to combine them with other components to produce graphic products. They will need to consider the medium, purpose and audience as well as file format and size. Students will demonstrate their ability to create effective images and graphic products through their work on a major project set by Edexcel. This will include exhibiting their work and supporting evidence in an eportfolio.

The externally assessed section of the course requires students to demonstrate the graphics techniques and web design skills they have acquired. They will be expected to design a multi-page website to a specific brief under exam conditions in a set amount of time.


Your teacher assesses your eportfolio and you’re awarded a raw mark and estimated grade based on the standard of your work. Pearson then moderates the eportfolio.  Additionally, learners will also need to complete a compulsory practical exam for Unit 1: Developing Web Products. This exam is set and marked by Pearson and is worth 25% of the total grade.

Once all of the exams have been marked and the eportfolios have been moderated, Pearson senior examiners decide where the grade boundaries should lie and learners are issued with a UMS mark and a final grade for each unit.  Students will achieve a qualification worth the equivalent of one GCSE. This will be graded A* – C.

Areas of study include:

Students will complete units, which include the following:

  • Graphics and image editing
  • Vector graphic software
  • Bitmap graphic software
  • Web design software

What can I do after the course?

Digital media now plays an increasingly important part in our everyday lives and in the world of work. With CiDA, you’ll learn how to manage and present your work in an eportfolio and how to use a variety of software. Skills in digital applications provide a wide range of career options, as well as a route into further and higher education.


All of the ICT lessons will be taught in the ICT plaza’s at the Academy.  However, you must realize that this course syllabus does involve theory lessons in addition to computer time. It is also necessary at times to set an element of practical homework for your eportfolio. Students without access to a computer at home must be prepared to come and use the ICT facilities at the Academy after the formal end of the school day in order to complete some of the required practical work for your eportfolio.