Applied ICT

Examination board: OCR

Course Code: H115/H515

About the Course

The vocational focus of this qualification encourages learners to develop an understanding of how ICT is used in the real world. To be a successful student in Applied ICT, It is important that you are interested in the practical aspects of ICT and their importance in a modern day society. If you are computer literate then you will have the necessary skills to undertake this course.

What will I do on the course?

The aims of this course in Applied ICT is to encourage candidates to:

  • Develop a broad range of ICT skills and knowledge of the uses of ICT in vocational contexts, as a basis for progression into further learning in ICT-related fields, Including progression from AS to A2;
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the components, functions and applications of information systems within a range of organisations;
  • Develop an understanding of the main principles of solving problems using ICT and develop the skills necessary to apply this understanding.

In addition, the aims of the Advanced GCE specification in Applied ICT are to encourage learners to:

  • Apply their knowledge and understanding of ICT and use skills (e.g. planning, research, evaluation, problem solving) in vocational contexts;
  • Develop an understanding of the impact of information systems on organisation’s personnel, policies and practices.

Entry Requirements

Students should have 5 good GCSEs including English at B grade or higher, enthusiasm for the subject and the commitment necessary to undertake a high volume of written and practical portfolio work.

Prior study of the subject at GCSE level may be of benefit but it is not essential.


GCE Applied ICT is a two-year course and is split into AS Level and A2 Level.

For the Advanced GCE four units will be assessed internally, through teacher assessed portfolios, Two units are assessed externally with the assessment set and marked by OCR and the other unit will be assessed externally with the assessment set by OCR, marked by the teacher and moderated by OCR. These six units are equally sized and equally weighted.

Areas of study include:

  • G040 – Using ICT to communicate – portfolio assessment
  • G041 – How Organisations use ICT – external examination
  • G042 – ICT solutions for individuals and society – portfolio assessment
  • G048 – Working to a brief – external portfolio assessment
  • Go51 – Publishing – portfolio assessment
  • G053 – Developing and creating websites – portfolio assessment

What can I do after the Course?

The OCR Advanced GCE in Applied ICT is enables learners to achieve the following for UCAS points (A-120, B-100, C-80, D-60], AS levels are worth half the A2 UCAS points. If you complete it successfully you could move on to study for a degree or BTEC Higher National Diploma in related subjects such as ICT, Computer Science, Information Systems, Multimedia, Software Engineering, Computer Networking, e-Business and Information Management.

You could also go on to work based training such as IT User/Practitioner NVQs or vendor-specific qualifications.