GCSE Product Design

What is the subject about?

Product Design is a challenging & creative subject, where students will expand their knowledge of materials, manufacturing processes, styles, designers, design movements, the history and evolution of design, ICT in design, accuracy and communication. Students spend time learning new theoretical content as well as developing their design and practical skills.

What do the students learn?

Students get the opportunity to demonstrate and improve their creative thinking and designing skills, learn new ways to develop and communicate their ideas and the freedom to generate, develop, model and manufacture a wide range of products out of various materials allowing them to develop and continuously learn new practical skills. Students will learn content throughout year 9 and 10 to help them begin their coursework in year 10 and will continue applying their new knowledge for the year 11 exam.

How do the students learn?

The students learn in a variety of ways; group learning, individually, class learning, they also get the chance to lead their own learning through investigative tasks. Students are encouraged to think outside the box and gain a new perceptive outlook.

What independent learning is completed?

Students continuously partake in research and investigation tasks to enforce their learning; where needed tasks are also set to enable students to pre-learn the content of the coming lessons or home learning tasks set to reinforce the learning of the lesson. When students begin their coursework they will work independently to produce a personalised project, which is worked on both in lessons and at home.

Coursework & examination information

Students complete internal exams in both year 9 and year 10 and begin their coursework (60% of their final grade) in year 10 which they finish in year 11 in time for the exam (40% of their final grade).

What careers could the students take?

Product design can open up a huge pathway of careers which could include becoming a Product Designer, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, CAD CAM Design Engineer, Architect, Web Designer, Engineer, Concept Modeler, Teacher, Advertising and Marketing Consultant, Buyer, Styler, Consultant Designer.

Photo of a student using a drill in a Design and Technology class.