MFL Trips & Visits

The MFL Learning Area is keen to provide students with the chance to visit the country of the language they study. Each year we aim to take at least one trip abroad. In the past two years we have taken two each year.


2014 Cantabria, Spain
2015 Arras, France (day trip)

Paris, France

2016 Paris, France
2017 Chateau Beaumont, Normandy, France

Barcelona, Spain

2018 Chateau Beaumont, Normandy, France

Madrid, Spain



Students in KS3 have the chance to  France. In 2017 and 2018 we have stayed at Chateau Beaumont in Normandy. Take a look at some of the photos from this trip.








Students in KS4 have the opportunity to go to Spain in Year 9 and Year 10. In 2017 we visited Barcelona and in 2018 we had a fabulous few days in Madrid. Take a look at some of the photos from the trip this year.