Physical Education & Dance

Our aim is to equip and prepare every student with a wide range of skills and knowledge in what is a varied and broad curriculum.  This is achieved through our fantastic onsite facilities and the use of our many community links we have in the local area.  Through our carefully constructed curriculum we deliver 5 themes through the academic year that consist of Developing Technique, Tactics & Strategies, Problem Solving, Aesthetic Activities and Participating in competitive situations.

We also instill into our students an appreciation of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Students in years 7, 8, 9, & 10 receive 3×90 minute lessons a fortnight.  In year 11 students receive 2×90 minute lessons a fortnight.  Lessons are taught in single sex, mixed ability or streamed ability groups.

Leigh Academy PE kit must be worn in all lessons even if students are injured and therefore restricted in what they do. On such occasions students will be asked to officiate, analyse and evaluate performances of others whilst in a Leigh Academy PE Kit. Please read our PE Policy page for further information.

The team consists of 11 committed members of staff who have a wide & varied area of expertise. Through the website you will see many parts of the PE Learning Area and if you wish to discuss anything with myself or the team please do not hesitate to contact us at the Academy.

Miss Kirsty Marshall & Mr Andrew Pickett

Co-ordinator of Learning