“Science is an integral part of modern culture. It stretches the imagination and creativity of young people. Its challenges are quite enormous.”

Professor Malcolm Longair

Science matters to every single one of us. The scientific advances of today will shape how our lives change in the future. To this end, the Science Learning Area is dedicated to identifying and nurturing the scientist within. It stimulates curiosity in the world around us, satisfying this with knowledge. Through science, students understand how major scientific ideas contribute to technological change and impact on industry, business and medicine and the quality of life.

Our practical based courses create and support individual learners, equipping them with the enterprise skills necessary to meet the challenges of the global 21st century workplace.

Collaborative learning underpins all courses, providing a wealth of scientific knowledge and experience while engendering an exciting, risk taking approach to science. Practical investigations are core within the learning programmes, enabling students to gain confidence in independent learning and enquiry.

The outstanding success of initiatives implemented throughout all Key Stages allows students broad access to pursue personal areas of interest such as sports and construction sciences and forensic studies.

Our laboratories have a wealth of industry standard technologies which enable students to explore scientific theory and practice through experimental evidence and modelling. In addition, they can produce their work in a variety of different formats such as Podcasts and videos and become proficient in the use of the latest data logging facilities, all transferable skills so vital to success in a working environment.

The Science Museum, Greenwich Royal Observatory and a programme of specialist Science based events bring scientific and environmental issues to life while the vocational courses provide experience and expertise of science in society and the modern workplace.