Welcome to Chaucer College!


Chaucer College is a learning community that strives for excellence. We are proud of our students who learn because they want to learn. We work in an excellent environment which allows students and staff to benefit from inspirational learning spaces and the latest technology.

Students are based in their own school where they are taught by Chaucer staff who know each individual. Students and staff work together as one harmonious community. Students are proud of their distinctive blue uniform. The colour blue conveys a sense of trust, peace, loyalty and understanding; qualities we promote in Chaucer College.

We draw inspiration from Geoffrey Chaucer – the first major English poet and one of the greatest. He was an innovator preferring to write in his native tongue, blending French and Latin into a truly English style. He was determined and flourished in a turbulent period in European history. He travelled in France and Italy.  He inspired many writers and artists. Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’ are a collection of stories told by a rich range of characters as they journeyed from the Tabard Inn in Southwark to Canterbury – people on a journey learning from each other.

Students and staff at Chaucer College are on their own journey – a learning one. We aim to make our journey just as inspirational and as rewarding as Chaucer’s as students are encouraged to promote and develop the CHAUCERS



Students show that they do not just give up when things get difficult – they develop resilience and resourcefulness.



Students show they are part of the Chaucer community, by helping others and caring for their peers.



Students should always aim to achieve highly.



Students show a positive attitude to learning.



Students develop original ideas and innovation.



Students are ambitious and hard-working. Chaucer College is linked with Business and Enterprise and students are encouraged to try new things and develop a ‘can-do’ attitude.



Students should respect themselves and respect others by developing strong relationships with members of the school and community.