Da Vinci

Welcome to Da Vinci College!

da-vinciDa Vinci College is one of four Colleges which constitute The Leigh Academy, named after Leonardo da Vinci, most famously known for his artistic genius.

Da Vinci College leads The Academy in the Expressive Arts – Art, Music, Drama and Media Studies and English.  In naming a college with these specialisms consideration was given to numerous historical figures who could symbolise our college’s commitment to lifelong learning, not just in The Arts but in all aspects of the curriculum.

The historical figure who most represented this concept was Leonardo da Vinci – a true polymath i.e. one versed in many learned subjects. Da Vinci embraced the disciplines of art and architecture, poetry, music, technology, engineering, science and many more. He had a “love for learning”, which he pursued throughout his long life.

Da Vinci College is a learning community with students aged 11 – 18, who are, for the most part, taught by Da Vinci staff in our own physical space, except for the specialist subjects, such as Sport / Arts / Technology and Business and Enterprise.

The Da Vinci College ethos is developed by promoting a system of shared personal values, summed up in the “3 R’s” of rights, responsibilities and respect for learning, property and persons, encouraged through, and enhanced by, the vertical tutor group system, where students of all ages are grouped together for mutual support and the development of community identity, along with weekly assemblies, by the staff and student senior teams and, at times, presented by the tutor groups themselves. Charity and fund-raising events, competitions, mentoring and other activities and events all support a culture that will improve the learning for all students who are members of Da Vinci College.

Our philosophy can be summed up by Leonardo himself who stated, “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”