Welcome to Darwin College!


‘In the long history of humankind those who have learned to collaborate and improvise the most effectively have prevailed.’  Charles Darwin

Using the great English naturalist Charles Darwin as our inspiration, we have created the ‘Big Picture’ for Darwin College students to enable them to identify what we are all trying to achieve and the journey our students will take during their time in Darwin.

Big Picture for Darwin College

To provide Darwin College students with a challenging and engaging curriculum which meets the needs and aspirations of all learners to enable them to achieve their potential.

Equipping our students with the skills they will need to meet the demands and challenges they will face when managing their lives, we will aim to develop Darwin College students to become:

  1. Successful and committed learners – who achieve, make good progress and enjoy learning.
  2. Confident and courageous learners – who are able to take and manage risks in order to live healthy, safe and fulfilling lives.
  3. Responsible and collaborative learners – who are able to make a positive contribution to the wider community.

With the ‘Big Picture’ in mind we have also created the motto for Darwin College:

‘Courage, Commitment, Collaboration’

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change”. – Charles Darwin

We value personal and social skills ensuring students learn how to co-operate, work in teams and respect others. We expect our students to learn because they want to learn and that they are motivated and enthused by the topics they study, the practical work and the state-of-the-art technology. Darwin staff have created the ‘Darwin Student Criteria’ that identifies the skills, qualities and attributes we aspire for our students to achieve.

Darwin student infographic

Darwin students are treated as individuals and regularly use the Darwin PRIDE Principles to help them to understand the high expectations and standards we require from all members of the Darwin community.

Darwin PRIDE:

The Darwin College colour is green – the word green is closely related to the old English verb growan, “to grow”. In many cultures, green symbolizes hope and growth. For the Darwin students in the College the colour green symbolizes self-respect and wellbeing.



Students should try their best in all aspects of learning, meeting and exceeding their minimum target grade



Students should respect themselves, all members of the school and local community and the environment



Students should be inspired to achieve, take part in extra curricular opportunities



Students should show that they do not just give up when things may be difficult and have the skills of resilience and resourcefulness



Students should be respectful of others’ abilities, cultures and values.