You might already know what career you would like to pursue when you are older but it is more likely that you don’t yet know what career you would prefer. The fact is that employment experts predict that students leaving school now will have, on average, eight different careers during their working life, at least half of which don’t yet exist, due to the rapidly developing nature of technology and employment opportunities. It is, therefore, worth considering the idea that you might be best trying to decide on a starting career, rather than choosing a career for life.

Some of the best ways to work out a good starting career include:

  • Talking to your parents and their friends about their careers
  • Talking to the Careers Learning Development Manager at school
  • Talking to teachers
  • Gaining meaningful work experience
  • Using online careers tools

Careers Guidance and Work Experience support at The Leigh Academy

  • Mike Williams is our Careers and Work Experience senior leader. He can be contacted via his email address
  • Ruth Evans is our Careers Learning Development Manager and she can be contacted via her email address – she is employed by Leigh Academies Trust, so she is only on site one day per week. However, you will be given the chance to meet her to discuss your preferences during the course of Years 10 and 11 anyway. Ruth runs her own website, CareerRoom, resources from which you can access here.
  • Kim Mace-Baker is the Work Experience Coordinator at The Leigh Academy and she will help you to find work experience, if you are struggling. She can be contacted via her email address.

‘Careerpilot’ is a GREAT website that can help students to explore career options. They can identify future careers – based on their preferences, skills and aptitude – and then find out what qualifications they need and whether they are better off going straight into employment at the end of Post-16, taking an apprenticeship at the end of Year 11 or at the end of Post-16 or going to university after Post-16. This service is FREE and can be accessed at:

Another really useful tool you can use to help you to decide your future is to take a Morrisby Test. While this is not a free service, you pay once and then have lifetime access to the service. This could be really handy, given how many careers experts estimate that students leaving school now are likely to have! You can access Morrisby by visiting:

However you decide what your preferred starting career will be, it’s really important to know what level and type of qualifications you will need to access that career and to then make your Post-16 options accordingly.