Schools all over the UK closed in March 2020, in response to the Covid-19 crisis, and are not expected to re-open for a while. The government has said that no students will be allowed to be disadvantaged by school closures. For students in Year 12 in the 2019-20 academic year, the crisis has caused some understandable anxiety but the government, exam boards and the academy all remain committed to supporting not only these students’ future aspirations but ensuring their ability to progress successfully to their intended next step.

Year 12 students at The Leigh Academy usually take external vocational exams in May and internal exams at the end of June. These will not now take place. External exams will be rescheduled by exam boards for the 2020-21 academic year and internal exams will be taken as usual during the course of the academic year in 2020-21. However, if schools re-open in sufficient time before the summer holidays, we will hold internal exams for Year 12 students.

During the period of school closures, Year 12 students at The Leigh Academy are being supported in remote learning via Google Classrooms for each subject they are taking, which allows for plenty of interaction between staff and students and for students to continue to learn and make progress.

Post-16 teachers will be writing subject references for their Year 12 students in Module 6, as usual. This will be completed, as usual, by using shared documents to which identified teachers can contribute. From these, form tutors will be compiling school references, as usual, from September onwards (and earlier, for ‘early application’ students).

Many universities have decided to operate ‘virtual open days’ in the summer to replace face to face visits, so try to use these opportunities to gain an insight to life at university. When the national lockdown is released, you will be able to visit your preferred universities at what are called ‘applicant days’ – these are open days for students who have been offered a place at a university that they have not yet visited and usually happen in the late winter/early spring every year. These will become very important for students in Year 13 in the 2020-21 academic year, as they might be students’ only opportunity to visit universities before they have to select their firm and insurance offers.

NB The Covid-19 crisis is requiring all of us to work in different ways than usual. As further information, guidance and direction is provided by the government, exam boards and Ofqual (the exams regulator), we will share this with students and their parents and update the information on this site. In the meantime, it is really important that students and their parents use this site to get their decision-making underway, in order to be ready for the eventual return to school.

Students – You will finds lots of other useful information on our Post-16 Community Google Classroom. The joining code is cruhkyz.